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Customizable Drinking Water Systems

Experience High Quality Drinking Water that’s Simply PÜR™ right from the convenience of your home. Clean, PÜR, Refreshing Water straight from your TAP! It’s that Simple! Our multiple drinking water solutions range from a variety of filters to alkaline reverse osmosis systems to custom meet your needs. We offer instant hot units and water chiller systems to meet your desired water temps from 40 degrees up to 200 degrees fahrenheit. Indulge yourself in healthy, delicious drinking water for you & your family. Why settle for less when you deserve the BEST!!! Our innovative design simplifies filter changes, ensuring sustainable High-Quality Healthy Water. Our Reverse osmosis systems deliver proven filtration and purification, as they are all NSF certified in the reduction of many contaminants, including lead, arsenic and hexavalent chromium (chromium 6). We offer a variety of designer drinking water faucets from standard models to high-end faucets to match your existing main kitchen faucet the best possible. Enjoy Simply PÜR water from your drinking water faucet, coffee maker, ice maker, refrigerator, and pot fillers. Enjoy the many benefits of drinking, and cooking with a Simply PÜR drinking water system, and Say Good-Bye to Bottled Water Forever and go Green for the environment too! No more plastic bottles ending up in our landfills and oceans. Call us today for your Free in-home water analysis & leave the rest to us!!!!




F2000   &  F3000

2 & 3  Stage Filtration Systems








√  Mechanical assist design allows effortless click-in installation

√  Proprietary cartridge design exclusively for the water treatment  professional

√  3/8” push fit plumbing connection for easy installation and high flow

√  Water supply valve includes shut off for ease of serviceability, fits multiple piping styles

√  Color coded cartridges maintains proper filter sequence

√  Reduces taste, odor, VOCs

√  High power magnet mounted cover for ease of installation in tight places

√  Built-in check valve system provides multi-point backflow protection

√  NSF Certified for materials and performance

√  Optional remote cartridge timer provides visual filter replacement  notification

√  Drinking water faucet included

√  Powdercoated mounting backplate

√  Dedicated meltblown 5 micron pre-filter, for dirty water applications
(3 Stage Only)




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