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Carbon Filtration Systems

Our granular activated carbon filters are commonly used to treat foul odor, bad taste, or to remove chemical impurities from the water supply. It’s designed to reduce sediment, chlorine content, volatile organic compounds, and various other contaminants. Our water specialist will determine which whole home carbon filtration system is right for you. The benefits of a whole house carbon filter include the removal of dirt, silt, clay, as well as other sediments from your water, reverse unpleasant discoloration, eliminate chlorine and sulfur tastes and odors, and reduce volatile organic compound content.

Acid Neutralizing Systems

Water with a pH lower than 6.4 can cause corrosion in plumbing and appliances in your home, and negatively impact skin and hair. It will often result as a blue/green staining on your plumbing fixtures and in your hair. Our whole acid neutralizers boost the alkalinity of your water, increasing the pH naturally for the entire home. Our water specialist will determine which whole acid neutralizing system is right for you. The benefits of an acid neutralizer include removal of dirt, slit and other contaminants from your water, reduce effects of water corrosion on plumbing, appliances, and fixtures, removal of water stains due to corrosion, and eliminate the need for chemical reagents.

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