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  • •  Free On-Site Water Analysis & Consultation
  • •  Installation & Maintenance of Water Treatment Systems
  • •  Alkaline Reverse Osmosis Water Systems
  • •  Whole House Water Purification Systems
  • •  Water Softeners, Carbon & KDF Filters
  • •  pH Adjustment Systems, & Sediment Filters
  • •  Residential & Commercial Applications
  • •  Certified Laboratory Water Testing
  • •  Salt Deliveries & Brine Tank Cleanings
  • •  10 Point Inspections of  Filtration Equipment



Let our Water Specialists @ Simply PÜR provide you with the latest water treatment technology trends, custom products, and simple solutions to meet your needs!  Proud members of the WQA (Water Quality Association), and the EWQA (Eastern Water Quality Association), we adhere to strict guidelines and the WQA code of ethics. As a Pentair True Blue Partner and Authorized Distributor of Pentair Products, there’s nothing comparable to the performance, and efficiency of our whole house purification systems including water softeners, neutralizers, whole-house filters, and TRÜ alkaline reverse osmosis systems for drinking in the convenience of your home.  Our products are all NSF certified, meeting the highest safety standards and quality performance. Providing our community with only the Best, Experience High Quality Water that’s Simply PÜR! read more

Free Water Analysis
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    Experience High Quality Water That’s Simply PÜR


    Safe water is key to life — and good for you! Water has so many health benefits that the U.S. Centers….

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    Water Issues

    Your first diagnostic tools are your senses. You can, at times, see, taste, smell, and feel contaminated water….

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    It’s bad enough to be able to see, smell, or taste a contaminant. But what if your water looks, smells….

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    21 Feb2019

    Combat Hard Water’s Negative Effect on Hair and Skin

    We can choose where we live, but we can’t always choose the type of water that’s flowing through our pipes.… Read More
    21 Feb2019

    Is it REALLY Safe to Drink Bottled Water?

    Bottled water is sold all over the world. Available in grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, recreation centers, schools, gas stations,… Read More
    21 Feb2019

    Is Fluoride Bad for You? Or Is Adding Fluoride to Water A Good Thing?

    Introduction and Editor’s Notes by Ocean Robbins Two-thirds of all Americans are drinking water with added fluoride. Is that a… Read More
    21 Feb2019

    3 Long Island communities show high cancer rates

    A cluster of three Long Island communities was found to have elevated rates of several forms of cancer, which were… Read More
    21 Jan2019

    Ask Well: Should You Filter Your Water?

    Although municipal tap water is regulated and most utilities stay within legally mandated limits on certain contaminants, some of the… Read More

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